Revelation for Today Seminar

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Revelation For Today Seminar

Today our world’s future seems hopeless. Many are confused about current events. Attend the Revelation For Today Seminar and discover how prophecy can bring understanding to you!

Beginning March 15 at 7 p.m.
Presented by Ken Crawford and Stephen Vicaro

March 15 Keys to Understanding Revelation

March 16 History of the World Foretold

March 17 Secrets of the Throne Room of God

March 18 The Origin of Evil

March 19 The Good News of the Judgement

March 20 The Longest Prophecy in the Bible

March 21 The Forgotten Last Day Prophecies

March 22 How to Overcome the Evil One

6000 O’Malley Road, Anchorage, AK
Near the corner of Birch and O’Malley.

Babylon to Canaan Part 2: Jacob to Israel

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Scripture: Genesis 32:24-28

Sermon: Babylon to Canaan Part 2: Jacob to Israel By Pastor Stephen Vicaro

Babylon to Canaan, Part 1: Abram to Abraham

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Scripture: Joshua 24:2-3

Sermon: Babylon to Canaan, Part 1: Abram to Abraham By Pastor Stephen Vicaro

Becoming a Friend of God

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Scripture: James 2:23

Sermon: Becoming a Friend of God

By Pastor Don West

Download: Becoming a Friend of God by Pastor Don West

Bringing Glory to God

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Sermon: Bringing Glory to God

Download: Bringing Glory to God by Dr. Melvin Santos

Perfectly Whole

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Title: Perfectly Whole

Scripture: Romans 12:1-2

Download: Perfectly Whole by Pastor Stephen Vicaro

Thanks Giving

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Sermon: Thanks Giving

Download: Thanks Giving by Brandon Ward

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